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Teaching for Tomorrow: Preparing for Change (2006)
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2006 "Teaching for Tommorrow: Preparing for Change"

The theme for this year's annual AUA/MOE Seminar for Thai Teachers of English is Teaching for Tomorrow: Preparing for Change, which will explore some 'new directions' in education.

We will present a practical survey of contemporary, student-oriented methodology and teaching practice, highlighting particularly encouraging recent developments in language teaching.

These developments include:

  • an increasing emphasis on self-directed learning and self-access technology
  • the potential of the internet for both teaching and learning
  • the incorporation of authentic media and tasks for language instruction
  • the development of critical thinking skills
  • collaborative teaching and learning
  • strategies and materials for motivating students

    The daily program schedule features:

    Plenary presentations that start out each day to establish the concepts and principles behind contemporary language teaching

    Morning Focus Sessions that explore teaching techniques, tasks, and strategies

    Afternoon Demo Lessons that feature original, student-centered lessons developed by AUA

    Workshops in which participants work in small groups to apply new principles and techniques in the development and presentation of their own teaching materials and activities to close each day

    Other features include:

    Opening addresses from key personnel within the Ministry of Education, the American University Alumni Association, the US State Department, and other organizations and educational institutions

    Daily educational exhibits by major book publishers and suppliers in Thailand

    Evening reception at the US Ambassador's residence for all participants

    Closing ceremony for participant presentations and awarding of certificates

    Plenary Sessions

    October 16 Dr. Dee Parker, AUA Director of Courses
    Preparing for Change
    October 17 Perry Roebuck, Real English
    Communities, Cooperation and Communication
    October 18 Steven Tait, AUA Training Supervisor
    Corrective Feedback: What, When and How
    October 19 Clyde Fowle, Macmillan Publishers
    Texts, Tasks and Topics
    October 20 Phil Chappell, AUA Deputy Director of Courses & Sonthida Keyuravong,
    Professor, King Mongkut Institute of Technology
    Introduction to I-EARN
    October 24 Ken Foster, First Secretary, Cultural Affairs, US Embassy
    American Culture and Values
    October 25 Gregor Smart, Cambridge University Press
    Teaching "REAL" English
    October 26 Alan Mackenzie, British Council
    How to Make your Classroom Dynamic
    October 27 Mindy Visser, Senior English Language Fellow, US Embassy
    The Lexical Approach

    Breakout Sessions & Trainers

    TOPIC Focus Session Demo & Workshop
    Motivation Isabela Vasilu Orapen (Lovely) Srikureja
    Authenticity Caroline Stuckey Tana Ebaugh
    Critical Thinking Barry Sarelson Apinya (Bee) Suwannawihok
    Cooperative Learning Margorie Manley Boojie Cowell
    Internet-based Learning Tana Ebaugh Peter Brennan
    The Lexical Approach Benny White Shaun Thorpe
    Culture Terry Hawkins Daniel Ringold
    Text-based Learning David Scholz David Jarrell

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