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Teaching by Design (2009)
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2009 "Teaching by Design"

The 41st annual AUA/MOE Seminar for Thai Teachers of English
October 12-22, 2009
at AUA Rajdamri
"Teaching by Design "

Each year, the AUA Language Center holds a two-week seminar for around 170 Thai teachers of English, including those who work under the Ministry of Education and the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority, as well as English Teachers from the private sector and international schools. This year will be the 41st annual seminar, which will be held at AUA Language Center, Rajdamri campus, from October 12-22, 2009.

The theme this year is Teaching by Design. Our objective is to help teachers skillfully plan, design, produce and teach effective student-centered materials and lessons. The design process will take into account the analysis of student needs, the setting of performance-based outcomes, creative task design and logical sequencing of activities to achieve target outcomes, along with ways to evaluate and improve instruction, materials and student performance and learning.

Above all, the seminar will provide hands-on experience for teachers in the most crucial and creative aspects of the instructional design and improvement process:

• Needs analysis
• Specifying outcomes and objectives
• Learning theory
• Task design
• Language teaching/learning frameworks
• Lesson development & instructional sequencing
• Evaluating and refining instruction
• Ways of assessing student skills, knowledge and understanding

Our target audience will be teachers of English at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary (university and vocational).

Each day will begin with a 90-minute plenary presentation that will help establish a systematic framework for student-centered instructional design. After the plenaries, participants separate into eight different focus sessions that will explore task structures, lesson frameworks and assessment strategies for effective language skills development, along with deeper levels of understanding. Afternoon demo lessons will feature original, language lessons developed by AUA trainers that will serve as complete, integrated models from which participants will generate their own materials design projects. Each day will conclude with a project workshop in which participants work together to apply the insights and strategies of that day in the development and presentation of their own instructional design projects, prototypes which they can take back to their schools afterwards and further refine.

Fee: Pre-registration 2,000 baht
         Late or on-site registration 2,500 baht

For more information, please contact Khun Mitraporn Ext. 2205 or Khun Anantaya Ext. 2206
                                  AUA Language Center 179 Rajdamri, Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
                                  Tel. 02 252 8170-3, 02 650 5040-2 Website: www.auathailand.org

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