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New teachers can expect to work minimum 22 hours per week including weekday evenings and weekends. Depending on qualifications and experience, basic pay ranges from 24K to 36K baht per month. We work a six day schedule every week with Fridays off. Terms last six weeks and are separated by a one-week interim break. These interim breaks give teachers free time to visit other areas of Thailand or Asia. AUA supports teachers to develop themselves academically and professionally. This is done through workshops and seminars, as well as the AUA Professional Development Scheme leading to a 30K year-end payment and a salary increase. Full-time teachers receive health insurance. We currently have a close knit team of six teachers who are always prepared to support their colleagues, both old and new.

Rayong City

Rayong is a small city. In the center of town, there are markets, small shops, restaurants and food stalls and just outside the center, there are a couple of large supermarkets, a shopping mall, park and sports complex. About 2 kilometers south of town, at the mouth of the river, is a small fishing port and a beach. To the east and west of Rayong are industrial areas. To the east is Ban Phe, a larger fishing port where you can take boats to Samet island, a very popular tourist destination. Between Rayong and Ban Phe the coast road passes Mae Rumpeung and Kon Ao beaches. Here you will find beach life Thai-style, with deck chairs under the trees and small restaurants on the sand serving delicious, fresh seafood.

  Koh Samet

Society Disco   Things to do

There are a variety of ways to spend your free time in Rayong. If you like to eat, then you will enjoy a wide range of options including fresh seafood, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, the night market and noodle stalls. For the nature lover, you can go swimming, snorkeling and fishing at a small national park on the coast. There's a larger national park in Klaeng where you can hike in the jungle, camp, picnic, and swim in the waterfalls. Sports activities include badminton, football, basketball, aerobics and weights. The local shopping mall has a 6-screen cinema, along with the usual fast food joints. For the night owl, Rayong also boasts a surprising range of bars, discos, live music venues and other watering holes

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For more details of working at AUA Rayong and current vacancies, please telephone the manager Alan Sutherland, on 038 870337 , or e-mail him at rayong@auathailand.org


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