AUA Language Center, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand


What's been going on in the world of SIT Thailand:


  • November 2009: Another new trainer for Bangkok
    • Michael McMillan has begun training as a new SIT trainer. Michael is currently an academic supervisor with the AUA Langauage Center in Bangkok. He has a MA (TESOL) from SIT as well as a wealth of teaching and training experience. We are delighted to have him join us.
  • October 2009: SIT trainer becomes a secretary...
    • Steven Tait, SIT Thailand's Lead Trainer, was recently appointed Secretary for Thailand TESOL. Thailand TESOL is the professional organization representing EFL teachers in Thailand - both Thai and foreign. In this volumtary position, Steve looks forward to volunteering his time to efforts aimed at contributing to the development of the English teaching profession in Thailand. Visit ThaiTESOL's webpage:
  • August 2009: SIT Thailand in the news
  • August 2009: An expanded program for 2010
    • After running four courses a year for the past few years, SIT Thailand has decided to acknowledge the growing demand for places on its courses. In addition to course in March (Bangkok), June-July (Bangkok), August (Chiang Mai) and November (Bangkok), there will now be a second course held in Chiang Mai. This will start on January 7.
  • July 2009: A multicultural course
    • SIT has completed its most multicultural course ever, with participants and trainers from a total of ten different countries. The countries included the USA, Australia, Romania, South Africa, Thailand, India, Cambodia, France, Belgium, and Mexico.  
  • March 2009: SIT TESOL Accommodation Guide
    • SIT Thailand now has a new, completely updated accommodation guide available - absolutely free. The guide, in pdf format, contains information on room rates, facilities, and the location of vitually all suitably priced hotels, guest houses and serviced apartments within a 20 minute commute of the bangkok training site. 


  • October 2008: SIT TESOL training room enters cyberspace
    • In addition to desktop computers connected to the Internet, the SIT training room now has Wi-Fi. Particpants will now be able to bring their laptops and go online free of charge 
  • September 2008: Lead trainer joins the Navy...
    • The Lead Trainer for SIT Thailand, Steve Tait, spend the month of September working with the Royal Thai Navy. He was asked to help prepare RTN instructors for the implementation of a new bilingual program for high ranking officers. Reports suggest it was an extremely fruitful collaboration for both Steve and the RTN.
  • September 2008: An upgrade of the SIT TESOL course snacks table
    • Based on regular feedback from participants, SIT has made new arrangements for the provision of snacks during each course. Throughout the day participants will be provided with a wide selections of cakes, pies and cookies. Ample local fruit will also be provided for the health-conscious. Tea, coffee, and other hot drinks will continue to be provided from morning to night. As always, all snacks are free of charge.
  • June 2008: A new SIT trainer begins training  
    • Multilingual and hugely experienced, Lynne Coetzer is the latest trainer selected to join the SIT Thailand team. Lynne came to Thailand via England, after completing her studies in law in South Africa. For the past eight years she has been a senior teacher at the AUA Language Center at Hua Mark, Bangkok. Lynne is thrilled by this new opportunity and will participate in her first course in June-July.
  • February 2008: SIT Training room upgraded
    • The SIT training room on the AUA Language Center campus in central Bangkok recently received another upgrade. This included all new blinds for the 20-plus large windows in the room and two brand new computers.
  • January 2008: SIT trainer presents at Thailand TESOL Conference
    • The 2008 Thailand TESOL International Conference was held this year in the north-eastern city of  Khon Kaen. SIT Thailand's Lead Trainer, Steve Tait, was there to present a paper entitled, "Observation and Feedback: The People Behind the Process". By all accounts it was well attended and well received.

  • December 2007: Our latest certified trainer  
    • After co-training on two courses and completing a long series of reflections into her stremgths and challenges as a training, Isabela Vasiliu has received certification from SIT as a fully qulified trainer. Congratulations Isa!
  • August 2007: Two new trainers selected for training
    • SIT has approved the applications of Isabela Vasiliu and Barry Doyle to be trained as SIT trainers.
      Isabela, from Romania, has a BA in Philology (the study of languages), specializing in Engish and French. She previously taught teacher trainees at university level in Romania, and is currently a senior teacher at AUA Language Center in Bangkok. Isabela worked on her first course in June.
      Barry Doyle, a Canadian, has a BA and has also previously taken the SIT TESOL Certificate Course. With extensive teaching experience in Thailand, he is currently the Branch Manager of AUA Language Center, Ayuthaya. Barry worked on his first course in August.
  • June 2007: SIT Thailand lowers its course fee
    • Due to exchange rate fluctuations, SIT Thailand is pleased to announce a new, reduced course fee of 50,000 baht, a 14% reduction on the previous fee of 58,000 baht. This acknowledges the increased cost of the course for those joining us from abroad. Please note that the high quality of the course, the trainer:trainee ratio, the materials provided, the outings, and the facilities will not be affected by the lower course fee.

  • April 2007: SIT / AUA Bangkok Information Pack released
    • After the popularity of the Chiang Mai Information Pack, we are pleased to announce the release of a Bangkok Information Pack. This substantial document offers information on anything and everything related to settling in to Bangkok prior to taking the SIT TESOL Course. Email Steve Tait at for your free copy.

  • March 2007: SIT / AUA Chiang Mai Information Pack released
    • Containing information on everything related to settling in to Chiang Mai, the information pack is the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of information available anywhere. Developed in response to numerous requests from trainees, the pack is a must for anyone planning to take the SIT course in Chiang Mai. Email Steve Tait at for your free copy.

  • February 2007: Two trainers receive certification
    • Sean O'Malley, based at the AUA Language Center in Bangkok and Siobhan Dean, based at AUA Chiang Mai, have now been awarded certification as full SIT trainers. They both successfully completed their second courses as trainers-in-training at Chiang Mai.

  • November 2006: Another new trainer for Bangkok
    • Sean O'Malley has been given the green light to begin work as a provisional SIT trainer (a trainer-being-trained). Sean is currently an academic supervisor with the AUA Language Center in Bangkok. He has been heavily involved in teacher development for a number of years.

    September 2006: SIT trainer continues as Program Chair
    • Steve Tait, the Lead Trainer for the SIT sites in Bangkok and Chiang Mai continues his involvement with Thailand TESOL, Thailand's premier organization for teachers of English in Thailand. Steve is serving as the Program Chair for the 27th International Thailand TESOL Conference and 10th Pan-Asian Consortium International Conference, entitled "Beyond Boundaries: Teaching English for Global Communication in Asia" to be held from January 26 to 28, 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand. For more details about the conference, visit

  • July 2006: New trainer being trained for Chiang Mai site
    • Siobhan Dean has been accepted by SIT, Vermont, as a TBT (a Trainer-Being-Trained). Siobhan is currently working as the Lead Teacher at the AUA Language Center, Chiang Mai, where her duties include teacher training and materials development, among a host of other things. She will be involved with all SIT Chiang Mai courses.
  • February 2006: The SIT Chiang Mai training site is born
    • Dates for the first SIT TESOL Certificate Course in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand have now been set. The AUA Language Center in Chiang Mai will host the course from August 10 to September 6. More information about the course can be found here.

  • January 2006: AUA's SIT trainers present at Thailand TESOL Conference
    • All of the trainers on the AUA SIT TESOL course were heavily involved in the Thailand TESOL international conference ( in Chiang Mai in January. Steven Tait was the Program Chair this year, liaising with presenters and organising the schedule. Fran Westbrook was a featured speaker with Dr. Dee Parker, AUA's Director of Courses. Andy Harris gave a presentation on Academic English preparation. The conference attracted over 200 presenters and more than a thousand participants from around the world. 

  • January 2006: Kathleen Graves visits AUA
    • One of the designers of the original SIT TESOL Certificate Course, Kathleen Graves, visited AUA in January. She gave a teacher training workshop and discussed the development of the relationship between AUA and SIT.

  • November 2005: Two computers now in the Bangkok training room
    • As well as access to computers in several offices and the library, there are now two computers available in the training room for the exclusive use of SIT participants.
  • November 2005: New air-conditioners fitted in the Bangkok training room
    • The noisy old air conditioners in the AUA Bangkok training room have been replaced with new ones. 

  • January 2005: Lead trainer becomes Trainer of Trainers (TOT)
    • Steven Tait, lead trainer at the Bangkok site, has been made a Trainer of Trainers. This means he is qualified to train other people to become licensed SIT trainers.