English for Hospitality, Tourism & Travel

    This course is designed for people interested in the hotel, tourism, and travel industries, as well as for people who plan to travel overseas. The primary focus is on communicating with foreign travelers. Role-plays and other activities prepare you for a wide range of realistic situations including giving suggestions and advice, planning travel arrangements, handling requests and complaints, explaining food and culture, using the telephone, dealing with money, etc.

    Course Objectives

    • To be able to use polite and formal English with foreign guests and travelers
    • To explain transportation, accommodation and dining options in English
    • To interact effectively in with foreign guests in hospitality, tourism and travel situations

    Course Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this course you will be able to…
    • use polite and formal English when greeting guests and asking and answering questions.
    • understand and use the correct English language phrases for check-in, check-out and booking procedures.
    • resolve customer problems and complaints using polite and non-offensive language.

    Course Structure

    • 6-week course (30 hours)
      • 2.5-hour sessions twice a week
    • 3-week course (30 hours)
      • 2.5-hour sessions four days a week
    • Off site to be arranged separately

    *For 2017 academic terms, this course is offered in Bangkok-area branches only.


    • Placement test for new students
    • AUA Gold (A2–B1 on the CEFR)


    • Course advisement (“Is this course right for me?)
    • To contact an AUA Advisor, click HERE.

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    • Louis Levey 24 December 2018 @ 10:35 am


      I am interested in having my girlfriend learn English at your Chiang Mai location. I’m curious which program would be best for someone interested in learned English that could be used in the personal and business world. She plans to eventually do secretarial work, working with English speaking clients. I’m also curious about the costs associated.

      Looking forward to your reply.


      • Webmaster 16 January 2019 @ 2:51 pm

        Hello Louis,

        I will recommend the English for Communication program. In details, please click here.
        And I will forward your message to Chiang Mai staff to reply you back via email to answer you about the costs.

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