English for International Students

    English Language Programs

    As our world becomes smaller with globalization, the ability to communicate in the English language is more important than ever. Studying English at AUA is a cost-effective way to experience both classroom learning and authentic opportunities to practice English in the fascinating Kingdom of Thailand!
    Since 1952, AUA has emphasized a friendly and interactive learning environment, and our course materials are designed to encourage communication among students and teachers. All of our teachers hold at least a Bachelor’s degree plus a 120-hour, face-to-face TEFL Certificate, and over 5 years of experience on average.

    In the Classroom

    • English for Communication – covers the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking with an emphasis on spoken communication
    • Writing – courses to cover all types of writing needs
    • Business – slightly more specialized to cover the corporate sector
    • Academic English – prepares students to study in a western-style college or university
    • Survival Language Skills – covers the common language needed in hotels, transport, restaurants, and markets

    In the Field (on the street)

    • English Language + Thai Culture Programs – a combination of English language study and Thai cultural study. Participants experience high quality English language instruction combined with cultural trips and classes.

    Custom course content:

    • Any content focus
    • One-on-one (private)
    • Small or large groups
    • Short or long-term
    • Irregular schedule


    If you are planning to be in Thailand for a short period of time (such as one month) and would like to study at our institute during your stay, it may be possible to do so whilst on a tourist visa. This would allow you to enjoy your time exploring Bangkok and the surrounding areas while also enjoying lessons at the AUA Language Center.
    Should this option be of interest to you, you can apply for a tourist visa through your nearest Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate. If you live in a visa-exempt country, you may be able to get a visa on arrival in Thailand. Thereafter, you can apply for your studies & pay tuition fees on arrival in Thailand.
    AUA also offers Thai language courses.
    Most courses are available at any AUA branch.
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