Interactive Listening

    Learn skills and strategies to understand different types of listening challenges. Activities are true-to-life, at natural speed, and include common idioms. Public announcements, news reports, narrations, job interviews, and telephone conversations present fresh challenges throughout the course.

    Course Objectives

    • To improve student comprehension of spoken English in a variety of work and real-world situations
    • To pick out the main ideas, key details and inferred meanings when listening to English speakers and media
    • Use context to better predict and infer meaning in a range of listening situations

    Course Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this program students will be able to…
    • better understand the gist of difficult listening passages by using context and keywords.
    • recognize important details and specific information when listening.
    • process and comprehend real-world spoken English in personal interactions, as well as from audio and video media.

    Course Structure

    • 2 Parts (24 hours per part)
    • 6-week course (24 hours)
      • 2-hour sessions 2 days a week


    •  Placement test for new students


    • Course advisement (“Is this course right for me?)
    • To contact an AUA Advisor, click HERE.