Speak more clearly and learn to understand what others are saying to you. This course focuses on stress, rhythm and intonation which is the “music” of speaking English. You will learn what parts of a sentence are most important and ways to guess the pronunciation of a written word. All of this will help you to communicate.

    Course Objectives

    • To learn how to identify and articulate vowels, and voiced and unvoiced consonants
    • To apply correct articulation, rhythm and intonation rules and patterns in English
    • To develop better awareness and ability to use sentence stress, rhythm, and linking

    Course Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this program students will be able to…

    • distinguish and properly pronounce voiced and voiceless sounds with increased intelligibility.
    • identify and properly place stress on compound nouns and common multi-syllabic words.
    • link words naturally in phrases and sentences.
    • produce native-like intonation, rhythm and stress in sentences.

    Course Structure

    • 2 Parts (24 hours per part)
    • 6-week course (24 hours)
      • 2-hour sessions 2 days a week


    • Placement test for new students


    • Course advisement (“Is this course right for me?)
    • To contact an AUA Advisor, click HERE.