Hogan Leadership Assessment & Coaching

Hogan Leadership Assessment & Coaching

What is the Hogan?

The Hogan is one of the top leadership assessments based on 30 years of research validated on over 150,000 adults in the workforce in over 200 occupational categories. It’s creator Dr. Robert Hogan is a pioneer in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is highly regarded in the scientific community.

About the Hogan
The Hogan measures your personality in the workplace and predicts your leadership potential performance based on your strengths, weaknesses, and values. The three assessments (HPI, HDS, & MVPI) measure the following:

Hogan Reports & Pricing

  • Insight Series Report
    • A report for emerging and mid-level managers for insights to develop self awareness and increase effective performance as a leader.
    • 10,000 baht for the leadership report and one coaching session
  • Lead Series Report
    • A complete leadership assessment package focusing on top level management and executive leadership competencies and capacities.
    • 17,000 baht for the HoganLEAD and one coaching session

The Science of Personality

The Science of Personality from Hogan Assessment Systems on Vimeo.