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Privacy Policy for Students of AUA Language Center

AUA Language Center (the “School”) values privacy and respect the rights to privacy of personal data of the students. The School ensures that the School will properly protect and process the students’ personal data in compliance with applicable data protection laws. Therefore, to express the School’s commitment as a data controller, the School aims to prepare and notify this privacy policy for the students (the “Policy”) specifying the rights, conditions and necessity of the School to collect, process and use your personal data as a visitor, applicant and/or language teaching service users or related services of the School (“You” or “Your”) to You to acknowledge. The School certifies that the School will only collect, compile, use and disclose Your personal data in compliance with this Policy.

Scopes of the application of the Policy. This Policy is applied to all direct personal data processing carried out by the School only and not applicable to the personal data processing carried out by other third parties, even though it is a continuation of the School’s services (including but not limited to personal data processing carried out by a teacher who process personal data beyond the scope established by the School). The School will not be responsible for personal data processing carried out by such third parties.

The Policy acceptance. When You contact the School through various channels and/or enroll at the School, the School will assume that You agree to this Policy. The processing of personal data as required and specified under this Policy is essential to the fulfillment of the School’s obligations in providing services to You. Therefore, if You disagree with this Policy or other amendments, the School may not be able to provide You any services. For the information of minors, when receiving Your personal data, the school will assume It is the case where the parents of such minors agree and acknowledge that the School is able to lawfully process the information of the minors under this Policy.  The School has no obligation to verify the legality and rights of such parents.

The Policy amendment. The School reserves the right to update this Policy from time to time in compliance with relevant laws including correspondence with the form of contact and the School’s services provided to You. The School will notify You of such changes by announcing the revised Policy through the School’s contact channels. Thus, Your continued use of the School’s services after the Policy update, the School will always assume that You have agreed and accepted the revised Policy.

The sources of processed personal data

The School may obtain Your personal data from the following sources: (A) directly receive from You or a person related to You (including but not limited to Your parents) when You contact the School through various channels by filling-in information and submitting any forms to enroll at the School, use various support services and/or during Your studies; (B) automatically collect by the School’s system when contacting the School while visiting the School’s website; and (C) indirectly receive from other person recommending You to the School including Your company or affiliation which may send Your personal data to the School and such person must certifies that such person has completely and correctly received the right or consent from You as a data subject. Therefore, the School may process such indirectly obtained personal data in accordance with this Policy. The School will notify You of the source of such indirect information.

The processed information

In contacting for inquiries, coordination, application and during using language teaching services, the School needs to process Your personal data in each step as follows:

During the coordination before using the School’s services and class application:

  1. Given name, surname and contact information (i.e., phone number or email or social media account such as LINE ID/Facebook account);
  2. Course Interests or learning styles;
  3. For class application, the general information of the student will be additionally collected i.e., National ID Care number, date of birth, and address;
  4. For juristic person contacting the School for services, personal data will include given name- surname and contact information or agents; and
  5. Payment information and/or information for issuing a tax invoice which may include tuition payment information, payment slip or other proof of payment, and in the case of requesting the tax invoice, including identity documents and copies of such documents such as National ID card or passport etc.

During studying both online and on-site;

  1. Log data of your attendance records, information on various test results in the classes including online attendance records i.e., attendance log through Zoom or other tools;
  2. Your motion pictures or facial photographs recorded through CCTV in various areas of the School or during classes or other activities within the School area, for taking pictures during classes or other events, if You decline to be photographed, You can inform the School’s staffs of Your intention;
  3. Contact information for support services, filing complaints, or giving opinions about using the services including other information that may be collected through various forms made by the School and You are interested in participating in or using the services; and
  4. Other personal information which you may give consent or submit to the School for processing of such personal information i.e., ATK test results and Covid-19 vaccination records for on-site attendance etc.

The objectives and periods of personal data processing

The School is required to collect, compile, use and process Your personal data as indicated above for the following objectives:

  1. To fulfill the statutory duties that the School must perform i.e., doing accounting and paying the School’s taxes especially the case when You may request a tax invoice from the School, the School needs to collect Your information in order to prepare such documents throughout the period in accordance with the framework specified by the relevant laws;
  2. To perform duties to provide services to You including but not limited to: (A) contacting You for replying and providing information related to courses and other information as requested; (B) coordinating and facilitating applying courses; (C) verifying Your right to attend the class which may include verification of tuition payment; (D) exercising the rights and performing the duties of the School within the framework of language teaching services according to the agreed curriculum including providing support services or performing duties under contracts or any other agreements; or (E) providing support services or handling any complaints or comments You may make to the School. For this purpose, the School will retain Your personal data throughout the period the School is obligated to provide You with relevant services;
  3. For the School’s legitimate interests without unreasonably affecting Your rights as the owner of the data including but not limited to: (A) prepare student registration summarizing Your academic achievements which will be collected for the purpose of evaluating Your future enrollment level and for the benefit of Your examination; (B) plan the service improvement to better match Your needs; (C) prepare reports monitoring the School’s internal audit on the School’s curriculum; (D) analyze and manage the overall risk of the organization, training or monitoring the teaching of the teachers; (E) classify the students for the purpose of planning the School’s marketing and public relations; (F) prepare the media to publicize the School’s activities both inside and outside the classrooms; (G) record images with CCTV system for the benefit of the security of the School area and the safety of others; or (H) protect the School’s legitimate interests in case there is complaint or any lawsuit between the School and You within the statute of limitation. For the School’s legitimate interests, the School reserves the right to retain your personal information for a reasonable period of time at the absolute discretion of the School in accordance with the appropriate legal framework and the School ensures that it will not excessively affect Your rights as the data owner; or
  4. For the case where Your consent has been obtained, the School may process Your personal data only for the specific purposes for which You may have given Your consent. However, You may withdraw Your consent given to the School at any time and such withdrawal will not affect the collection, compilation, use, disclosure, and processing of any personal data conducted before consent withdrawal including but not limited to: (A) contact You for advertisement, promotions and other news in which You may be interested or use Your specific image in the School’s media; or (B) ATK test results and Covid-19 vaccination records for on-site class attendance.

The disclosure and transfer of personal data to third parties

In principle, the School will not disclose Your personal data to third parties except the disclosure of such information to the following persons: (1) a teacher who may not be under direct affiliation of the School, in such cases, the School is obliged to disclose Your personal data as necessary so that the teacher can teach according to the chosen course; (2) Your company or affiliation, in case Your affiliation is the one applying and paying the tuition fee for You only within the specific scope as necessary; (3) a related external service provider which may include an external service provider providing support services to the School i.e.; IT system service provider, learning platform service provider and a service provider involved in the School operations i.e., counselors under the condition that the School will disclose Your personal data only as necessary in accordance with the framework of the data processing agreement that the School will prepare and sign with such external service provider; (4) government agencies to which the Schools may be required by law to disclose the students’ personal data in accordance with the order of such relevant government agency; and (5) in case where You give consent, the School may disclose Your personal data to a person You have specifically identified.

The security standards of personal data

The School will provide appropriate security measures under applicable laws to prevent unlawful or unauthorized access, use, alteration, modification or disclosure of Your personal data. The School will periodically review such measures to be consistent and appropriate with industry standards and relevant laws. In the event that the School transfers, transmits and/or sends personal data to service providers operating and processing personal data overseas, the School will set standards for entering into an agreement and/or a data processing agreement with a service provider who will receive that personal data in compliance with an acceptable standards for personal data protection. and in accordance with relevant laws to ensure that personal data will be protected safely.

The rights of a data subject

The School respects Your legitimate rights as an information owner related to Your personal data in the School’s control. You can exercise the following rights under the relevant laws: (1) right to withdraw consent; (2) right to access and obtain copies of personal data; (3) right to ratify personal data; (4) right to request personal data where the School prepares such personal data in a format that can be read or commonly used by automated tools or devices including the right to request that such formatted data to be sent or transferred to other data controllers; (5) right to restriction of personal data processing; (6) right to erasure or destruction or pseudonymization of personal data when such personal data is no longer needed; (7) right to request to suspend the use of personal data; and (8) right to file a complaint.

You can inquire about this Policy or contact the School to make a request to exercise Your rights related to Your personal data. The School will notify You of the results of Your request within a reasonable time under legal framework.

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