Online ELT Certificates

Education is changing rapidly and dramatically with learners accessing global education online. AUA’s Professional Learning Department is excited to offer new, innovative opportunities for online training in English language teaching.

These one-to-one online certificate courses have been developed through our internationally recognized partnering institution, SIT Graduate Institute/World Learning. All courses are moderated by a licensed teacher-trainer.

8 Week Courses with flexible start on any Sunday of the year

  • Teaching Writing
  • Teaching one-on-one classes
  • Becoming a Teacher Trainer

Courses launching soon:
Becoming a Teacher Trainer
Teaching Young Learners
Teaching Teenagers


Course structure

Our one-to-one courses include 2 main components: online tasks and practice teaching with personalized support and feedback from an expert tutor. The online tasks include watching videos, posting to discussion forums, reading articles, and Zoom meetings. The practice teaching includes practical activities in which you experiment with techniques/activities in your own teaching context.

In every course, an expert trainer guides your learning experience by facilitating discussion, sharing ideas, and responding to your questions. Because of the experiential nature of our online courses, they are learning opportunities for both new and experienced teachers of English.

Registration & Payments

  • 5,000 baht per course
  • Courses start on a rolling basis, a minimum of one week after receiving payment on a Sunday.

Certification requirements

  • Completion of all task within 8 weeks

This practical course is designed to develop your skills in Teaching Writing. The online modules will develop your knowledge about effective techniques when working with learners to improve their ability to write, and you will also have the opportunity to try out activities with your students with trainer support and feedback. You will be guided by an expert trainer through the entire learning process and you get to share and reflect as you explore and implement the course content.

Main components:

  • Four online units to complete, each of which is organized around one main reading. Tasks include posting responses to the reading and replying to classmates responses.
  • During the course, participants will also be asked to videotape themselves facilitating a writing activity for their students. There are two videotaped lessons, lasting 20–40 minutes. Before and after each lesson, participants meet online with the course trainer to discuss aspects of planning, teaching, and reflecting.

Note: this certificate course is designed for participants who have a context in which to practice the writing activities. Certification requires timely completion of all assignments, as well as two videotaped submissions demonstrating a writing activity with students.

Many people find themselves in the role of “English tutor,” for instance for a child, relative, neighbor, or friend. However, simply having “good” English does not guarantee that you will be able to help someone else improve their English. This course provides a framework for thinking about teaching one-on-one. Whether you have been tutoring for a long time, or have only thought about doing it, this course will help you be a more effective tutor. You will have the opportunity to watch video of an experienced AUA teacher trainer demonstrating tutoring techniques with a real student. Also, you will get the chance to plan a sequence of activities that you can use in your tutoring. By the end of this course, you will have ideas and tools to help others improve their English skills.

Skilled teacher trainers have abilities in a number of areas, for instance content expertise (i.e. language awareness), teaching methodology, reflection, curriculum design, lesson observation, and supportive feedback. This course focuses specifically on developing your knowledge, skill, and awareness for delivering experiential training workshops. You will see how delivering workshops is similar to teaching students in some ways, and different in other ways. Developing these training skills has the benefit of improving one’s teaching skills. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to successfully facilitate workshops in your school, at Thai TESOL, or beyond.