Dictionary Types

Dictionary Types
Dictionary Types

Types of Dictionary – There are many types of English-English dictionary. Here are some

Full-size dictionaries are large, coming as a set of volumes or a bulky coffee-table volume, containing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands entries.
Defining/Normative/Academic dictionaries are the commonly used ones, containing about 2,000 to 3,000 entries with basic vocabularies and useful terms for students, as well as their linguistic and grammatical features. Learner dictionaries are generally for school students and collegiate ones for students at university level. Many of them are abridged versions of a full-sized edition.
Specialist dictionaries include professional dictionaries (e.g. medical), phrasal dictionary, thesaurus (a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms), rhyming dictionary, phonetic dictionary and scrabble/crossword dictionary.
• There are also electronic (in the form of downloadable computer application) and online (internet-browsable) dictionaries, which are much used today.
• Please note that English dictionaries may be either American English (such as American Heritage, Longman and Merriam-Webster) or British English (such as Oxford, Cambridge and Collins). There are differences of spelling, usage and grammar between the two. Some publishers print both American and British versions. Read the description inside to see which one you have.

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