English for Communication

    This program helps learners at all levels to speak English confidently in everyday situations anywhere English is used. The focus is on spoken communication in a friendly and supportive environment, but there is also some reading and writing in each class to help develop all language skills.

    Course Objectives

    • To enable students to understand and use English to succeed in real-world social situations
    • To expand our students’ comprehension, vocabulary and accuracy across a range of everyday topics in English
    • To enable students to engage in meaningful and stimulating conversations in English

    Course Learning Outcomes

    Upon completing this course students will be able to…
    • speak English with greater confidence.
    • describe, explain and discuss a range of everyday topics in English.
    • demonstrate the ability to understand and speak English at a CEFR level of B1/B2.

    Course Structure:

    • 5 major levels (90–120 hours per level)
    • 4-week course (20 hours)
      • 2.5-hour sessions 2 days a week
    • 2-week course (20 hours)
      • 2.5-hour sessions 4 days a week
    • Hour Packets (Buffet)
      • 30 hours
      • 60 hours
      • 100 hours


    •  Placement test for new students


    • Course advisement (“Is this course right for me?)
    • To contact an AUA Advisor, click HERE.