English for Business

    English for Business

    Course Objectives:

    • To improve students’ skills in using English to communicate in business contexts and situations including meetings, presenting proposals, email writing and report writing
    • To raise students’ confidence in using English to communicate with colleagues or with clients
    • To introduce English vocabulary commonly used in business situations, and provide opportunity for students to practice using such vocabulary
    • To help students communicate accurately and concisely through correct usage of grammar and expressions in both spoken and written forms

    Course Structure: 4 Levels: (CEFR A2, B1, B1+, B2) with 5 parts each

    Teaching approach: 

    • Live teaching by highly qualified native speaking teachers specializing in IELTS skills and techniques
    • via Zoom

    Course hours and duration:

    • 100 hours within 20 weeks to complete 1 CEFR level
    • 5 parts per 1 CEFR level
    • 2 sessions (2.5 hours each) per week

    Student qualifications:

    CEFR A2 or higher

    Placement test: AUA-Oxford Placement Test (& interview if necessary)