English for Specific Careers

คอร์สเรียนภาษาอังกฤษสำหรับอาชีพเฉพาะทาง - AUA

    AUA develops and customizes courses that specifically address your company’s language needs. We also develop and employ a baseline assessment and a final assessment that directly reflect the objectives and goals of the course to ensure high effectiveness and ready-to-use language know-how.


    • To improve communication skills and help learners gain better control when using English in their specific field of work or organization
    • To improve accuracy in language use and word choice to enhance communication in their specific work context
    • To help learners better communicate meanings specific to their work in English which in turn helps to promote efficiency and productivity for the  organization

    Course duration

    • 30 hours
    • 60 hours

    Classes can be conducted online or at the client’s venue.

    Baseline test: Customized interviews

    Examples of customized English for Specific Careers

    English for Sales and Marketing

    English for Engineers

    English for Medical Professionals

    English for Human Resources Professionals

    English for Hotels and Hospitality Industry

    English for University Lecturers

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