English for Business : Email Writing for Professionals


    English for Business Plus or E4B + is a collection of 30-hour courses that allow organizations to focus on more specific communication skills that may be necessary for the nature of work. The E4B+ courses can be taken separately or combined with the standard English for Business (E4B).

    Course Objectives and Expected Outcomes

    • To introduce to learners different forms and functions of business emails
    • To help  appropriately use language registers when writing business emails to serve different functions
    • To raise learners’ confidence when using emails to communicate in the business context
    • To improve learners’ writing fluency and accuracy when writing business emails in English


    • 30 hours

    Course Delivery

    • Onsite or online platform
    • AUA-Oxford Placement Test is required.
    • Native speaking teachers

    for more information >> https://www.auathailand.org/en/corporate-training-enquiry/